Drop ‘Em: Slot Overview

Canny the Can says, ‘We are back’, referring to himself and his little friend Mona the Mouse. Drop ‘Em, Hacksaw Gaming’s latest online slot, is the occasion. This includes Stick ‘Em, Stack ‘Em, and now Drop ‘Em. Some gaming history: Stick ‘Em, Hacksaw Gaming’s debut online slot, was an unassuming introduction that led to some of the worst gambling machines on the market. Why not check if Drop ‘Em is a Hacksaw Gaming face-melter or more mellow?

Drop ‘Em resembles Canny the Cat and Mona the Mouse’s Canny the Can and the Book of Time slot, although being in the ‘Em category. The studio’s take on the ‘Book of’ style of gameplay was stylised and packed with extras. Drop ‘Em is unrelated to books. You’ll learn more about its unique gameplay below. Canny and his rodent friend are here, giving Drop ‘Em the kind of cutesy appeal Hacksaw Gaming is known for.

On the inside, Drop ‘Em’s medium-high volatile math model produces a default RTP of 96.21%. As described below, lower models may be available, and feature purchases affect return. The basic stake ranges from 10 p/c to £/€100 each spin, and pressing play activates a 5-reel, 6-row game area with 7,776 chances to win.

That’s a lot for a Hacksaw Gaming slot, which usually has few paylines. You win if matching symbols land on at least three adjacent reels from the left. On wooden blocks, pay symbols include 10-A card royals, a leaf, a bird, a skull, a snake head, and a lightning bolt-holding hand. A bizarre assortment of photos. Five OAK royal wins pay 0.5 times the wager, while five matching image symbols pay 1.5 to 5 times. All reels have wilds that substitute ordinary symbols. Five-wild wins pay 20 times the bet.

Drop’Em Slot Features

Drop, which triggers a removal modifier, and FS, which triggers free spins, are also essential in Drop ‘Em.

Drop Symbol

After initial grid wins, the Drop mechanism activates when at least one Drop sign is visible. Each Drop sign drops off the grid, erasing all symbols below it. Any symbols above Drop fall to the reel bottom. The same randomly picked symbol fills each reel’s empty spots for a chance to win. In base game, any pay symbol or wild.

Drop Spins Bonus

Landing 3 FS symbols in basic game gives 10 free spins. The bonus begins with all pay symbols and the wild symbol in a Drop mechanic-selected pool. FS symbols may award +1, +2, or +3 free spins or an Upgrade. The choice pool loses 1 to 10 paying symbols when an Upgrade is revealed. No one can eliminate wilds.

Bonus High Drop Spins

10 free spins are awarded for 4 FS symbols in the basic game. This round starts with just high-pay symbols and the wild as choices. An FS symbol again awards +1, +2, or +3 free spins or an Upgrade that eliminates 1 to 5 symbols from the option pool. Again, wilds cannot be removed from the pool.

Wild Drop Spins Bonus

Wild Drop Spins with 10 free spins is triggered by 5 FS symbols in the basic game. Here, the Drop mechanic may only employ the wild symbol. FS symbols grant +1, +2, or +3 free spins.

Buy Bonus

The feature purchase menu lets players choose various features:

BonusHunt FeatureSpins—3x the stake with 5 times the chance of a bonus game every spin. High volatility, 96.32% default RTP.

Big Drop FeatureSpins—40x the wager with at least 3 Drop symbols every spin. High volatility, 96.16% default RTP.

Mega Drop FeatureSpins—150x the wager with 5 Drop symbols every spin. Highly volatile with 96.34% default RTP.

Drop Spins—10 free spins for 100x the wager with all symbols to choose from. Highly volatile with 96.23% default RTP.

High Drop Spins—10 free spins for 200x the wager with high rewards and wilds. High volatility, 96.29% default RTP.

Drop ‘Em Slot Review

Canny the Can normally appears on Hacksaw Gaming’s fun program, so it’s nice to have him return. Drop ‘Em is everything a Hacksaw Gaming fan wants: charm, creative features, edge-of-your-seat gaming, savagery, and possible reward. Fans of Canny’s or Hacksaw Gaming’s risk-reward style should try the new Drop mechanism.

The Drop mechanism is basic, yet it may explode under certain conditions. One is the number of ways to win. This can convert a Drop mechanism win that would have been average if it had utilized paylines into something spectacular with all those methods. The pendulum can easily swing the opposite way. Mega Drop FeatureSpins from the extra purchase were the most explosive use of the Drop mechanism. They’re expensive at 150x the stake each spin, and the returns ranged from average to amazing. Drop symbols are tempting since they land on every reel and ensure a win. Some may have been tempted to buy the Wild Drop Spins bonus. Only wild symbols in the option pool are rare and unlikely to be triggered spontaneously.

Still, it’s wonderful to have goals, and Drop ‘Em ends with a 10,000x max victory. Drop ‘Em’s performance makes that number seem feasible for the lucky punter. Drop ‘Em’s basic yet dramatic feature produces tremendous action, however few players will reach the max win.






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